Financial Advising is important for achieving your financial goals. It also helps to reduce your debts and provide financial security. At Focused Financial Advice, we understand what is important to you and take every possible step to set realistic goals that take into account your current as well as future needs.

Our mission is to help you become financially well-organised and to achieve and maintain financial independence. At Focused Financial Advice, our clients are ‘clients for life.’ We appreciate the trust you place in us and our services, and we give you our ongoing promise:

  • To provide professional financial advice and services dedicated to help you achieve your financial goals;
  • To treat you and your financial affairs with utmost confidentiality and respect; and
  • To ensure that we achieve the highest client service standards of integrity, honesty and ethics in all our dealings with you and for you.

We value our clients, and take great pride in helping you build your wealth and achieve your financial goals and life dreams.

What does a Financial Adviser do?

It is a misconception that Financial Advisers are only for the wealthy. You don’t have to be rich to benefit greatly from financial advice. The reality is that sound financial advice from a qualified wealth professional can help most people better understand and manage the complexities of money and create genuine wealth.

Who Are We?

We are renowned and most trusted Financial Advisers in Sydney. We come with a vast experience of over 20 years. Our team comprises of highly qualified and expert professionals who are duly licensed and certified. Our team constantly works with you to help you develop your financial plans and implement outcomes based on your specific needs.  We focus on helping you with financial services including Strategic Financial Advising, Retirement Planning, Wealth Creation, Investment Planning and many others.

What does a Financial Adviser do to help you understand finance?

For untrained eyes, most financial data available today can be confusing and complicated. It could be overwhelming to calculate how much you need to save to beat inflation and live a comfortable life in the future. It could be tricky to work out how much you need to save on mortgage, or to make certain that you have enough money to pay for your kids’ education.

But with the help of a Financial Adviser, you can understand your present financial position including all the factors related to your goals, and help you build a financial plan. This plan is tailored-fit according to your circumstances, goals, and prospects.

How can we add value to your business?

  • We understand the complexities of your business and help you create genuine wealth.
  • We help you make your financial plan which is tailor-made according to your goals and at the same time keeping your circumstances in mind.
  • Our expert advice helps to improve your cash flow and expand your business.
  • We make concrete plans to help you pay off your mortgage faster so that you can save on your interest cost.
  • With us on your side, you need not worry about your retirement planning.

If you are looking for a Financial Adviser in Sydney, feel free to book an appointment with us to discuss your financial situation.

If you need assistance or advice on how you can achieve your financial goals, feel free to contact Focused Financial Advice. Call us on 02 9003 0611 or send an inquiry to [email protected]