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Who gets your super?

Who decides what happens to your superannuation savings when you die? You may think that you do, but that isn’t always the case. The ultimate decision may be made by someone you don’t even know – the trustee of your superannuation fund. Let’s look at how you can have greater control. Binding death benefit nominations […]

Six steps to a sustainable Christmas

Just as the Grinch stole Christmas, excess spending can rob us all of yuletide happiness. Seasonal credit card splurges can create ballooning long-term debt, while unnecessary consumption inevitably leads to a blow-out in rubbish bin waste. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia estimates $11 billion is spent on presents each year, including some 20 million unwanted […]

How much should I have in my emergency fund?

It’s the most common story financial professionals hear. Unfortunately, too many people fail to set aside emergency savings to see them through life’s hiccups. So when the inevitable happens, and an unexpected bill arrives, they are put under pressure to find the funds to pay it. In turn, this leads to maxed out credit cards […]

Foundations of a wealthy lifestyle

The next generation of investors are here and they’re keen to take on life and begin their journey toward financial security. This article explores several proven tips for laying the foundation for a wealthy future.   A study conducted by the Australian Stock Exchange reported that nearly 25% of investors over the past two years […]

5 tips to protect yourself from being scammed

Financial scams are on the rise with thousands of people falling victim every year. This article discusses the many different types of scams to be aware of and what to do if you think you have become a victim. In 2020 Australians reported over 7,000 investment scams to Scamwatch, well up on the 5,000 reported […]