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Quarterly Economic Update

Quarterly Economic Update April – June 2021 With unemployment rates decreasing, housing prices rising and the share market performing strongly, the last quarter has been very positive for the economy and investors alike. In this article, we summarise the key standouts from the April to June 2021 quarter. Employment surprise JobKeeper was a cornerstone of […]

EOFY is coming – have you thought about these things?

Whether you’re nearing retirement, a high-income earner looking to reduce your taxable income, or you’re on a lower income and looking for ways to maximise your super contributions; there are a few things you can consider at tax time. Read this article to finish this financial year on the right foot. The end of another […]

Salary sacrificing is not just about super

Most employees believe that salary sacrificing is confined to making contributions to super but there are opportunities to use it in other ways to reduce tax. This is an introduction to a complex topic that recommends professional advice. When most people think of salary sacrifice they think of superannuation. It’s pretty easy to see why. […]

The greatest challenges facing future retirees

Will you retire with enough money in your super fund? This article explains the challengers that today’s accumulators face in order to reach their retirement goals. Housing affordability, low interest rates, pandemics, through to an aging population and pressure our welfare system are all key points covered in this thought-provoking article. Most working Australians aspire […]

2021 Federal Budget Highlights

Greater flexibility for older Australians to boost superannuation, continued support for small business, and extra help for struggling homebuyers are key drivers in the Federal Government’s 2021 Budget, designed to steer Australia away from a pandemic recession. Retirement savings proposals Australians aged 67 to 74 will no longer need to satisfy the ‘work test’ requirements […]

Traps to avoid in retirement – Carrying Debt into Retirement

This is the fifth article in the mini-series: Traps to avoid in retirement. This article explains how carrying debt into retirement can be a burden and explains ways in which you can avoid or manage debt in retirement. Increased housing costs and low wage growth are seeing more Australians carry higher levels of debt into […]

Generational Planning:   An Important Conversation

Older people tend to be very private around subjects like their finances, estate planning and aged care, etc. This article provides information around what you should be discussing with an elderly relative, and how to open a two-way conversation that puts everyone’s mind at rest. -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. None of us likes to consider our own mortality. […]