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The cautious traveller

On 19 March 2020, Australia’s international borders were closed. Our island home was suddenly Fortress Australia. How we’d taken the freedom to come and go as we pleased for granted! After nearly two years, the restrictions have lifted and we are emerging, blinking and hopeful. While some of us may have lingering concerns, many others just […]

Is your inner entrepreneur calling?

Work From Home (WFH) arrangements seem to have got our creative juices flowing with more online, home-based businesses springing up every day, providing a limitless variety of goods and services. Home based micro businesses (0 – 4 employees) and small businesses (5 – 19 employees) offer everything from retail items, to construction industry services. According […]

Are credit cards the new seniors card?

Australians were introduced to credit cards way back in 1974. Since then, we have embraced the plastic-fantastic with much enthusiasm, and why not? Credit cards meant no waiting; purchases went home immediately and were paid-off in monthly instalments – what could be better? For some 40 years, no other credit facility came close to offering […]

Three-minute financial check-up

While the standard of living is constantly improving in Australia, economic disruptions, stagnant wage growth and continually increasing house prices are putting more and more people under financial stress. A recent report by the social research group, the Melbourne Institute, ‘Taking the Pulse of the Nation’, found one in three Australians reported being under financial […]