Life is full of surprises and uncertainties. Sadly, some of these can cause you and your loved ones physical and financial harm. No matter what happens in life, personal risk insurance can ease some of the financial burden and help you ensure that you, your family and your business can cope financially in case of a disaster.

We help you assess the level of personal risk insurance you need, whilst also being able to arrange cost-effective insurances to protect you and your family financially in case you die or suffer an accident or illness. Our wealth protection and personal risk insurance services cover the following:

  • Death and Total Permanent Disability Insurance
  • Trauma Insurance
  • Income Protection Insurance
  • Business Expenses Insurance
  • Key Person Insurance

We aim to provide you peace of mind and financial security. In the event of a claim, we’ll work with you and your insurance provider to ensure a smooth outcome.

The professional Life Insurance Advice Sydney trusts

It is highly recommended to work with a life insurance Adviser, so you can review your assets and determine if your coverage is enough. Insurance Advisers can tailor the policy to meet your needs and within your budget. A life insurance Adviser can also guide you through the complexities of the insurance system. They have insider information on what plans are currently available in the market, and which of these plans will be suitable for you according to your circumstances.

John & Mary Ann, NSW

“The planning and understanding of our finances was difficult for us, until Rob Wynan stepped in and showed us Financial Advising in a language we could understand, giving us greater confidence in our future.”