What are your retirement dreams? The world trip, a new car, or the ‘Australia tour’ you’ve always wanted? An average person retiring at age 60 can spend up to 35 years in retirement.

We see retirement as the time in your life when you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your working career. Our integrated approach includes:

  • Understanding your retirement plans and the finances you need to achieve them;
  • Designing a financial strategy to help you turn your retirement plans into reality;
  • Tax-effective structuring for your investments; and
  • Advising you on your eligibility for Centrelink and Veteran Affairs benefits

Our expert Adviser can help you fulfil your retirement dreams. We assist in structuring your super to help ensure that your savings are adequate to meet your income needs in retirement.

The Retirement Planning Advice Sydney seniors need

Our expert retirement plan adviser can work with you to establish your retirement plan, which meets your needs and guide you toward a financially secure retirement. After working out your plan, our Adviser will work with you to maintain and update it as necessary.

Each person has different goals for your retirement plan. An expert adviser can help cater your retirement plan for your particular needs. If properly designed, a retirement plan could help you achieve your financial goals and realise your retirement needs.

Retirement plans are complicated, and the rules are always changing. Chances are, you don’t have the time and the skills to learn the intricacies of drafting and maintaining a retirement plan – you have a life to live. Working with a professional retirement plan Adviser will allow you to follow a robust plan without losing focus on other important aspects of your life.

“Rob Wynan has been our adviser at Focused Financial Advice since we retired in 1999. All of our advice and investments have been most rewarding. In this economical time we are always kept well informed.”

– Denis & Barbara, Victoria