With a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF), you will have more investment options compared to other superannuation choices, more tax benefits, better control over your retirement fund, and possibly more affordable yearly fees compared to common industry and retail funds.

You might prefer to have control of investments for your SMSF funds. But where can you invest your SMSF? Investment vehicles such as managed funds, property, shares, and term deposits are common, but some people are also investing in more unique investments.

Many SMSFs are looking on property purchase even for their business investments. There are specific rules covering where you can invest your SMSF, hence you should get it right. One of your vital responsibilities as a trustee is to effectively manage your fund investments. Your investment decision must be designed in order to protect and maximise your retirement benefits.

The professional SMSF advice Sydney investors need

It’s high time to seek advice from a professional SMSF advisor if the advantages of SMSF start to outweigh the convenience of allowing an unknown fund manager. Find an SMSF advisor who is duly licensed and qualified to provide sound financial advice whether an SMSF is a suitable investment option for your specific objectives, financial circumstances, and how the fund must be structured to achieve your specific needs.

You can also consult your SMSF advisor for a full list of investment options. Usually, the SMSF investment portfolio will include residential and commercial properties, listed shares (overseas and domestic), cash management accounts, private company shares, term deposits, managed funds, and more.

Focused Financial Advice has a professional SMSF advisor to guide you in making investment decisions that optimise your tax advantages and minimise the risks.