Preparing for retirement in uncertain times

As most long-term investors know, investment markets have their ups and downs. The downs are usually associated with periods of uncertainty, perhaps due to political or economic factors, or even natural disasters. Uncertainty leads to volatility – more extreme movements in asset prices – which can have a big impact on portfolio values. This can […]

All assets are not the same

Do you sometimes lie awake at night wondering what effect the latest share market “correction” or property “boom” or “bust” is having on your investments? Understanding the differences between the various investment assets will help you enjoy better sleep patterns knowing that a diversified portfolio can be a good way to manage investment risk. Asset […]

What to do with an inherited gift

When you receive money or a gift from a family member’s or friend’s estate, the last thing you probably think about is tax and insurance. However, you can circumvent future difficulties or financial loss if you attend to a few practical financial issues as soon as possible. Let’s start with CGT Determining your capital gains […]

What you need to know about sustainable investing

As daily conversation in Australia is increasingly dominated by concerns about the environment and global warming, more and more investors are looking at how they can make a difference and choose sustainable or ethical investments as part of their portfolio mix. So what exactly is an ethical investment? The answer can vary depending on your […]

What is your carbon footprint?

Ignoring all of the politicising of climate change and carbon emissions, have you ever actually wondered what a carbon footprint is? A simple explanation Human activity is increasing atmospheric levels of known greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane. These form a blanket around the earth trapping heat, a process known as the ‘greenhouse […]

You might be surprised at what really drives interest rates

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and the major trading banks may play the most visible role in setting interest rates, but in many cases they are being reactive rather than proactive. A wide range of external factors feed into their decision-making process, including in no small part, our collective behaviour as investors and savers, […]