10 Things to Do Before 30 to Have a Bright Financial Future

You may be fresh out of uni and ready for your next adventure! It is an exciting time to finally enter the workforce and receive your first payslip.  It’s a great season to meet new friends, build relationships, and travel the world. This newfound freedom comes with a set of responsibilities though. Living on your […]

Top 8 Estate Planning Tips in Sydney Australia

It is never too early for anyone to engage in estate planning. Estate planning saves your family a lot of trouble when you’re gone. You can decide what will happen to your assets and possessions after death or mental disability through estate planning.  When you plan beforehand, you can potentially minimise taxes and other costs […]

Australians lack financial literacy, survey says

Australians lack financial literacy, according to a new survey conducted by Mortgage Choice, in partnership with Core Data. They asked more than 1,000 Australians to find out what the Great Australian Dream is. The result was published as a part of their annual whitepaper entitled The Evolving Great Australian Dream. Out of the 1,043 Australians […]

Life Insurance: Why Most Sydney People Don’t Have It

Studies show that most Australians are underinsured or not covered enough by life insurance. According to the Global Insurance Market Trends published in 2015 by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Australia (and Sydney) ranks 13th on Life Insurance Penetration Index among OECD member countries. Meanwhile, LifeWise.org discovered that 83% of Australians have […]