Traps to Avoid in Retirement: Going Too Hard, Too Fast

This article is the first in a mini series titled: ‘Traps to avoid in retirement’. This first article details the many choices you have in retirement once you can access your Super and the importance of making the right decisions. Retirement: you’ve made it!  And one of the rewards for all your hard work is […]

Three Steps to Your Kids Financial Success

We all want to give our children a head start in life.  This three-step article will help you to instil sound financial habits in your children by setting the foundations of good money management and savings now. For many of us, our first experience of banking and savings was the school Savings Account Program.  But […]

Being sensible with Buy Now Pay Later this silly season

Move over debit and credit cards; consumers are flocking to Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services. Afterpay, Zip Pay and several similar payment solutions allow shoppers to take home their goodies now while paying them off via a few weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments. There’s no interest payable as such, although fees are charged for […]

Market crashes: The good, the bad and the ugly

Just as night follows day, it seems part of the regular cycle of the world’s share markets that downturns and falling prices follow good times and rising prices. The impact of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic was typical of such downturns, prompting a 35 per cent sell off in world share markets and a dramatic fall […]

The ins and outs of private health cover

With premiums often running to thousands of dollars per year, whether or not to take out private health insurance is a major financial decision. Here are some of the key issues you need to consider in making that decision. Why go private? There are two main types of private health insurance: hospital cover, and general […]

The balancing act of blended family finances

Financial Advisor Sydney

When Jack and Jill met through mutual friends, they hit it off immediately. Both had previously been married and, besides having a child each, found they had quite a lot in common. Dinner dates quickly morphed into family-style outings with their children, to the zoo or adventure theme parks, and soon the couple was talking […]

Quarterly Economic Update: July-September 2020

COVID-19 remained the big story of the last quarter. Tragically, by the end of September the pandemic had caused over one million deaths. That was up by 500,000 since the end of the previous quarter, and many countries were experiencing devastating ‘second waves’. While most of Australia managed to keep case numbers of coronavirus at […]